Marc Jacobs Shoes Fall 2012

For Fall 2012, the Marc Jacobs shoes harken back to the days when the good ‘ol USA was just beginning and Pilgrims were breaking bread with the Indians. Of course his modern version of the pilgrim shoes are decked out with foliage, crystal buckles and other embellishments that define Mark Jacobs’ somewhat quirky style. However, even in metallic pink and luscious ostrich, these shoes look like they stepped off the Mayflower. Risky? Absolutely, especially in a still uncertain world climate where many people are sticking with the classic and practical when it comes to fashion. But if anyone can pull off a risky collection, it’s Marc Jacobs, and his gambles usually pay off.

Crystal buckled booties and loafers with thick, square heels are practical for daily wear, although the eccentric designs might be hard to pair with every look. But hey, in a season dominated by black boots and other boring styles, I’ll take the Marc Jacobs Fall 2012 shoes and fit them into my wardrobe any way I can.