Brian Atwood Aurora Sandals

When I see a shoe with an exorbitant price tag I assume it’s a Louboutin with heavy crystal or gemstone embellishment. So when I came across these pretty Brian Atwood sandals I had to do a double take at the price tag, the 3.5k price tag! Don’t get me wrong, I love his shoes, but they usually average in price around six hundred bucks, and let’s be frank, he started his signature label in 2001, a mere ten years ago. He doesn’t have the clout of more experienced cobblers like Louboutin, Choo or Caovilla.

To be fair, this shoe comes with Atwood’s signature on the sole and it has a Swarovski embellished heel, but other than that it’s fairly unremarkable, even with the bouffant flower at the ankle. For comparison purposes, below is a picture of a Louboutin all-over Swarovski crystal embellished pump, priced at 3.3k.

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