Prada Shoes Spring 2012

Miuccia Prada saysthe Spring 2012 Prada collection is about “sweetness”, but before you can think sugar and candy, she goes on to explain: There are two thing Italian men love, women and cars. I put the two together—women in cars—and situated them in a moment in time when the world was awash with unambiguous hope for the future. That would be the 1950’s.

This combination couldn’t be more evident in her shoe collection where every shoe has an element of a 1950’s car. Whether it’s the cone shaped tail lights coming out of a heel or car art flames leaping from an ankle strap, each shoe perfectly translates her theme. The shoes themselves are also reminiscent of the 50’s era, with round toed pumps or peep toe slides as was fashionable in that time.

Whether these shoes take you back to an era of hope and optimism, or remind you of a drag race, they can’t help but make you smile, and “sweetness” aptly describes the collection.



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